The Best Apartment and Plenty of Outdoor Spaces to Enjoy

We were looking for a place to live that was really family and pet friendly. We needed to get out of the city and into a more suburban or rural setting. We found Raleigh apartments for rent that have waling paths, pet stations, a playground for kids and so much more. We have a nice little patio and we even like the gazebo over our mailboxes where we pick up our mail. There are pavilions to have a picnic too. We swim in the pool, and the deposit and rent for our dog, Champ, is affordable too. We really like living at Midtown Crossing. Even the drive down into our apartment building is nice and soothing. The landscaping is beautiful.

Our kitchen is perfect for the four of us. Continue reading The Best Apartment and Plenty of Outdoor Spaces to Enjoy

Digital Marketing Facilitating Businesses Achieve Higher Levels Of Success

Advent of the digital technology and the internet has revolutionized the aspect of human communication. The world of business and commerce has also been drastically redefined in the process. In order to gain an edge in a technologically charged environment, businesses hardly have any better option other than embracing the latest technology. Conventional marketing strategies are steadily becoming obsolete in this circumstance. Digital or online marketing is fast gaining relevance across the marketing and advertising sector.

The approach to online marketing revolves around the concept of using various digital platforms to promote corporate brands. In contrast to the traditional marketing strategies, it helps businesses to reach out to a wider customer base much faster, at more reasonable cost. Marketing of commercial brands these days involves a bigger audience and larger platforms. It is crucial for the fraternity of digital marketing experts to deliver customized solutions to satisfy specific requirements of their clientele.

The advertising media has always been competitive. However, with the advent of electronic marketing, the sector has turned unbelievably aggressive. Especially, with the evolution of the social media platforms, it is indeed challenging for any commercial entity to set its footprint distinctly across the virtual domain of the World Wide Web. Masses or the internet users usually do not browse beyond the third page of any SERP listing while searching for any specified information on the internet. Therefore, the objective of any online marketing campaign is to promote a client’s business to the top of any Search Engine Result Page.

The fraternity of adept digital marketing services emphasizes upon, enhancing online visibility of their clients’ websites to bring in higher volume of traffic. Ordinary folks are found to believe that online marketing can only be achieved through search engine optimization. Unfortunately, this idea is absurd and perhaps, nothing could have been more distant from the truth. Search engine optimization is a crucial strategy in any online marketing campaign. As such, it is one of the aspects of digital marketing. It is not logical neither justified to rely on search engine optimization alone to enhance traffic to any website. The search engines keep changing their search algorithms quite frequently. Hence, it is more logical to depend upon other strategies as well to enhance digital footprint of businesses across the internet.

Internet marketers offer complete packages, including PPC (Pay per Click) marketing, website banner advertisement, search engine optimization with help of content creation, etc. to enhance online visibility of a business. This particular commercial sector has grown significantly over the last couple of decades or so. Corporate brands – irrespective of size and the domain – seek professional guidance of digital marketers to achieve higher levels of success. However, before teaming up, it is crucial for the clients to analyze the competence of an online marketing firm. All expert players in this sector maintain their impressive portfolios. Business for the range of service providers is flowing in from all directions. Commercial prospect of this line of business seems to be most impressive.

Five Tips on Using eCommerce Software Development Profitably for a Digital Enterprise

eCommerce software development can enable digital enterprises to maximize the bottom line. While eCommerce should ideally be looked at as an important component of a multi-channel sales system, some business leaders and managers tend to commit the error of looking at it as a separate vertical. It is this erroneous vision of business leaders and managers that lead to a series of errors in business strategy formulation and execution, usage of technology and business processes.

It has to be borne in mind that when business leaders conceive of eCommerce as a vertical they consider technology and systems to be the sole drivers of growth. Strategy setting goes for a toss. The choice of technology and its alignment with business goals is forgotten. Most importantly unwise investments are made into processes, resource engagements and technology. On the other hand, enterprises that consider eCommerce to be a component of the multi-channel system understand the complementary relationship between brick and mortar models of business with new age digital off-shoots: one of them being eCommerce .

The Natural Selection of eCommerce Web and Mobile Development

eCommerce web development and mobile applications for eCommerce are not magic wands. These need to be used judiciously with a combination of several factors in order to stay relevant in business and then maximize profits. A recent report by the business consulting giant McKinsey suggests the vitality of digital initiatives to corporate lifespan. The report states in crystal clear terms that the average lifespan of corporate enterprises has gone down dramatically. In the year 1958, the life span of a corporate enterprise according to data released by Standard & Poor’s was 61 years which tumbled down to 25 years in 1980 and only 18 years in 2011. Adapting to technology holds the key to staying relevant in business. In the next few paragraphs we discuss the biggest challenges and eCommerce software solutions to the same.

Dealing with Uncertainty and Looking at Disruptive Innovations

It is important to integrate digital strategy with business strategy. There has to be an alignment. The merit of doing so is that it reduces the gap between strategy formulation and execution. Looking at the rate of disruptions that continue to hit the global market, it makes enormous good sense to state that there is a big wave of disruption in digital business every three to four years. Business leaders need to go back to the board and reassess their strategic position every three to four years. This means looking into the future and demystifying emerging trends of innovation in eCommerce and digital initiatives. For example there is data available that shows the rapid rise in the usage of social media to offer e-care. Volumes of tweets that speak of a brand have risen by two fold in the last two years globally. The head count of Twitter users who have used the platform to obtain after sales service has risen by 70 % since 2013-14 (data by McKinsey).

Business Process Automation and Economic Efficiency

Business automation can enable companies to achieve huge economies of scale and cost saving. A study shows that companies that have created robust e-care models save 25 to 30% costs by consolidating call centre engagements. Moreover there are also benefits of an increase in customer satisfaction by up to 33%. eCommerce web development and eCommerce application development can enable companies to automate processes and thus reduce resource engagements and streamline profitability. The reason behind this is the use of the great repetitive model that allows companies to repeat and scale up best practices. As learning by doing takes place, average costs of operations comes down over time.

Integration of eCommerce Apps Development and Operations

The traditional concept of software development is to create a project with well-defined parameters and then start work on it with exclusive resource, cost and time commitments. This slows down the speed of implementation of new technology in operations by increasing the time to market. The smart way is to integrate new eCommerce apps development with operations on a small scale in a real time business environment for a pilot project. Agile software development enables the organization to make changes to the technology as issues are spotted. With development operation a company can reduce the costs of development and a faster time to market enables further cost rationalization and high returns on investment from technology.

Understanding the Customer’s Purchase Behaviour through Data Analysis

It is imperative for companies to have a thorough understanding of the customer’s purchase behaviour. Data available from eCommerce mobile and web apps when dissected tell unique stories of customers. The usage of science to dig deep into the customer’s behaviour can enable companies to serve him better. Factors such as various points in the customer’s purchase journey, preference of digital channels, demographic, economic and geographical metrics can reveal a lot about the customer. This forms the basis of customization and customer delight.